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Losing my Virginity with Karen Stivali

Hi Friends!  

It's Day One at #RT12 and already I'm having a blast. Andrew & I drove into Chicago last night about 8:30. I was tired and he had work to do on his 50 Shames of Earl Grey parody so we just secluded ourselves in the hotel room, ate sandwiches, and marked "Chicago" off my "Cities I've Banged In" list.

Bedtime was early. Woke up at 4am when my mother texted me a "Knock 'em dead" massage. Apparently mom wasn't entirely aware that it was 4am here in Chicago too. Gotta love Mom!

At 8:00 my alarm went off and I enjoyed a few minutes of sexy spooning with Andrew while he tried to convince me that The Mummy Four was actually a really good movie. Shower, clothes, panic over a lost flip-flop (found under the laptop table - how it got there I do not know). Went down to register and flirted with the greeter Andrew because I thought he was my Andrew. Oops.

First friend I met was the glorious Jackie Barbosa. I adore her so much I randomly use #jackiebarbosa as a hashtag on Twitter.

I wanted to go to the RT Virgins workshop and Karen Stivali was there. I found her by standing at the front of the room and yelling "KAREN STIVALI!" That worked. Karen helped me get my registration bag. I'm kind of a clueless idiot (see previous flip-flop comment). Karen's fabulous and beautiful and as short as I am. Then we found Karen Booth so I had both of MY TWO KARENS. Karen Booth is eight feet tall and blond. I already hate her. ;) #love

I'm recharging my iPhone while Andrew's on the phone doing an interview. I'm really proud of him for being so smart and savvy to write a 50 Shades parody so quickly and get it out there. My boyfriend is my hero and that's the first time I've ever gotten to say that.

Next up is the RT Welcome Party. I'll be doing jazz hands the entire week.

If you want an ORIGINAL SINNERS button, find me and I'll give you one to pimp your badge. I'd love to know your Original Sin!

I'm off! That's Chicago, Baby!



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