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Doing Shots & Making Friends - RT12 Continued!

It's Thursday here at RT12 and the fun keeps on happening. Highlights of Wednesday include...

-Taking a nap!

Other fun things that happened that aren't nap-related are...

-Making Colleen Lindsey nearly lol-out loud in a workshop. The speaker was discussing using Pinterest to build your brand. I tweeted "I don't think Pinterest would work for me. Cocks and push-pins don't go well together." Poor Colleen. Thanks for the retweet! I may start a sister site to Book Country just for perverts. We'll call it Book Cuntry.

-Got a hug from the exquisite Lucienne Diver. She's an agency-mate with Kristin Nelson AND a rock star agent herself. She's also a stone-cold fox.

-Went to the classy, understated, and not even remotely racially inappropriate Ellora's Cave party. I did shots with Karen Booth and rocked out on the dance floor with her, Karen Stivali, and Dorothy Shaw (who is also a babe).

-Also, I think I saw The Situation.

-Also, Andrew thinks he saw Donald Trump

-I gave Andrew all my Ellora's Cave swag which he promptly put on much to the amusement and horror of the entire world.


Stay tuned for further highlights from RT12! And remember, today's RT12 dare is to change the word "books" to "sex."

I'm at the RT Sex-Lovers Convention! You should come!

I'm off to the Goody Room for some free sex! Gotta get the sex while the gettin' is good!

I'm going to the signing to get my sex signed!

That lady over there just gave me some free sex in the hall!

Happy Thor's Day RT-ers!



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