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Kilts: A Love Story (RT 12 Continued)

Hi Fiends! RT12 Booklovers Convo continues! And I am having wicked fun times due to all the cool people around and all the prescription drugs that romance writers have been offering me.

I only took one. Promise.

Anywho! Yesterday was the eBook Expo. I think turn out might be better next year if they call it the eBook sExpo.

Met GREAT people at the sExpo. Ran into a fan from Lexington who I met at a signing for another author a long time ago. Met a few librarians and booksellers. I got to tell them that I had the BDSM antidote to 50 Shades of Grey. One lovely lady picked up my postcard, saw the word "Dominatrix" and said, "SOLD!"

Oh, and this weird guy showed up with the two hottest women I've ever seen in my life! I gave them ORIGINAL SINNER buttons and they let me spank them (@DelilahMarvelle and @MaireClaremont on Twitter. FOLLOW THEM!).

Last night was the Scottish Fairy Ball. My date was the Cock Ness Monster. Aren't we cute together?

Anywho, the fun times continue. I crashed a dinner last night and was introduced to VICTORIA FUCKING ALEXANDER. I don't think "Fucking" is actually her middle name.

Still trying to meet Eden Bradley. I'll do it, by gum!


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