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Fun Facts about THE SIREN - #1

Not unlike JK Rowling I have a bit too much fun naming characters (a werewolf named Lupin? SRSLY?). The names of my main characters in the THE SIREN slowly came to me after I drove past East Tiverton Street in Lexington, Kentucky (it's by the mall). For some reason, East Tiverton sounded like it should be a person's name. I decided I would give all my characters names based on the four cardinal directions.  

North/South - Nora Sutherlin

East - Zachary Easton

West - Wesley Railey

And there's one more character with a direction-based name that is intimately linked to Nora's. But you can wait until the book comes out to meet him.


Subsidiary fun fact - nearly a dozen people have read THE SIREN from cover to cover and not one of them noticed the name game. Sometimes I'm too damn clever for my own good.


THE SIREN - coming May 1st (just like you will be).


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