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Be an Angel. Win The Angel.

Hi Friends! I have a very serious blog post today that also includes a totally not serious giveaway.

My friend and agent-mate Natalie Bahm is doing an amazing thing. She wrote a wonderful Middle-Grade novel called THE SECRET UNDERGROUND. The book is out September 28th. Why is this a great thing? Other than being a great book, Natalie is donating every penny of the profits to dear friends of hers who have a very sick baby named Jayden. All the information on Natalie and Baby Jayden can be found HERE. 

I'm asking all my friends and readers to be an angel for Baby Jayden and buy a copy of Natalie's book THE SECRET UNDERGROUND. If you have kids in your life between the ages of 8 and 12, give it as a gift. Buy a copy for your local library. Buy a copy and donate it a children's hospital. Buy it and read it yourself and remember being a kid when entire world felt like a mystery you could solve.

Between now and the release day of THE SECRET UNDERGROUND by Natalie Bahm, I'll give away a signed copy of THE ANGEL (which isn't even out yet!) every Sunday. Leave a comment with your email address if you'd like to win. And please help Jayden. My niece and nephew were preemies who dealt with a lot of health problems their first year and I remember sobbing in my boyfriend's arms over my fears for them. It's a horrible feeling, but every one who helped the family in any way seemed like an angel.

Be an angel to Jayden. Win a copy of THE ANGEL from me.




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