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Due to a medical condition, Lela has never been able to enjoy sex. Until she meets a very interesting man who promises to lend her a helping hand...and a few other body parts.

The Butterfly.




Lela flipped page after page after page in the sex position manual and grew more and more depressed with every picture that greeted her. All of them. She’d done every single last position in the book.

Tears of frustration burned her eyes. She blinked rapidly to dispel them, but one escaped and landed in the center of a Lotus position sex diagram.

“Dammit.” She hastily wiped off the tear but it had already left a watermark. Now she had to buy the stupid thing.

“I’ve seen women crying into books before, but usually it’s over in the fiction section,” came a voice from behind her.

Turning around, Lela came face to chest with a man over six feet tall. Craning her neck, she found his face rather closer to the ceiling than her own and discovered that it was a handsome face and the man was smiling kindly at her.

“The non-fiction is depressing enough for me.”

The man cocked his head to the side and gave her a searching look. She should have been embarrassed getting caught by a man as she wept into a sex position manual. But after spending an hour in stirrups today as a parade of doctors prodded her vagina, cervix, and uterus, the tattered remains of her dignity had packed its bags and headed west.

He coughed softly and Lela noticed he’d extended his hand. Quickly pulling herself together, she tucked the book under her arm and shook his hand.


“Lela. I’m a mess.” She found his grip oddly comforting and didn’t pull her fingers back from him.

“Hi Lela. Are you going to tell me what’s wrong or do I have to spend the rest of my life wondering why a beautiful woman was weeping over 101 Perfect Nights? I mean, it’s no Kama Sutra, but it has a happy ending. Lots of them.”

He meant the words as a joke but Lela couldn’t laugh.

“No happy ending for me.” She leaned tiredly against the bookcase.

Brad squeezed her hand a little tighter. She should have been scared of a man so big, built like a football player, dressed like a stock trader, and hanging out in the sex section of a bookstore. But something in his eyes made her trust him a little, and she needed to talk, had to talk. A stranger seemed better suited than a friend.

“No happy ending?” Brad crossed his arms over his broad chest. He had salt and pepper hair but looked no more than forty. “Every story should have a happy ending. Well, any story that has you in a bed in it.”

“You’re hitting on me.” Lela smiled for the first time today.

“I’m flirting with you. I have the floggers back home when you want me to hit on you.”

Lela raised an eyebrow at him. God, it would be nice to just spend a day in bed with a man like this--sexy, confident, and kinky too. But she knew it would end the way it always ended.

Pain. Tears. Apologies.

“I appreciate it. My ego needs all the help it can get. But I promise, I would be a waste of effort.”

“I refuse to believe that, Lela. Tell me what’s wrong. If you’re not going to flirt back, the least you can do for my ego is to tell me why.”

She wrinkled up her face in embarrassment.

“It’s gross.”

“Time of the month? Not gross. Easy to work around.”

“If only. I...” she began and paused, deciding if she really wanted to be one of those people who told her life story to a stranger. Yes was the answer. Today. Yes. “I have severe endometriosis. I am twenty-seven years old and have been trying to have sex for ten years. Never had it without pain. And today the doctors--a whole team of them--stuck their fingers in me and said surgery was the only way to rectify things. Why have surgery to have good sex if I’ve never had good sex and don’t even know if it’s worth it?”

Brad brought her hand to his lips for a quick kiss.

“That is a sad story. So what’s the book for?”

“This? They said I should try some different positions. I don’t think they believed me when I told them I’ve tried them all.”


She nodded. “A couple times in college. Didn’t go well.”

“Did it hurt?”

“He didn’t know what he was doing. Another fail.”

“I don’t know if this will convince you to stop crying into sex books and come back to my place with me but...”

“But what?” She let him pull her closer, close enough she could smell the cedar scent of his soap and see the smile that lurked at the corner of his lips.

“But...I know what I’m doing.” He said the words with confidence bordering on arrogance and with such an intimate gleam in his eyes that Lela couldn’t stem the tide of images his words conjured. The thought of a man inside her without her body seizing with pain?

“I’ve never gone to bed with a man I just met.”

“No wonder you’re crying in the bookstore.”

“You won’t think less of me?” She smiled at him.

“The only women I judge for their sexual choices are the women who turn me down. All none of them.”

“I’d hate to break your streak.”

“Then don’t.”

“It probably won’t work, you know? I’m warning you right now.”

“I’ll probably have you screaming from pleasure in under an hour. I’m warning you right now. Say ‘yes.’”

Lela laughed. Might as well. It was the least she could do for her poor vagina after all she’d put it through today.


“Good. Let’s go.”

“I have to buy this first. I got it wet.”

“Trust me. Female tears are the least of the body fluids on this book.” He took itand shoved it onto the shelf while Lela made a mental note to wash her hands thoroughly at Brad’s place.

They grabbed a taxi and spent the twenty minute ride whispering abbreviated life stories to each other. Lela Moore, well-paid actuary, single, no kids, no hope. Brad Wolfe--he swore it was his real name--ex-wife, no kids, just a club he treated like his baby.

“What kind of club?”

“The best kind,” he said and gave her a wolfish smile.

The club turned out to be exactly what she’d imagined. Black walls, ornate staircases, many rooms with closed doors.

“Sex club?” she asked as he escorted her inside.

“Kink club. We cater to all the fetishes here.”

“Is ‘terrified of sex’ a fetish?”

“It’s a damn shame, is what that is.” Brad led her up the central staircase to a room at the end of a second floor hallway. He opened the door to a bedroom that appeared to have been lifted from a nineteenth-century house of ill repute. Seemed an appropriate setting for some behavior of ill repute. “Let’s get you over that, shall we?”

“If you can do it, you’re a miracle worker.”

“I can do it if you’ll let me. You’ve gotta trust me though.” He opened an ebony cabinet inlaid with ivory and pulled out a flogger.

“Okay, you weren’t kidding about the flogging thing?”

“I never kid about floggings. You say you’re afraid of pain during sex. Fine. Let’s get the pain out of the way first so you can focus on the sex.”

“Are you-”

Brad strode to Lela and looked down at her. The move emphasized the height disparity. She wasn’t short. Not at all. But he was so big she felt tiny in comparison and rather hated to admit how much she liked that.

“Lela...I doing...” He said each word slowly and punctuated the sentence with a kiss. A long kiss, a slow kiss, a deep kiss that said even more than his words that he knew what he was doing.

“I believe you.”

“Good. Take your clothes off.”

She almost balked at the order before deciding she’d already come this far. What was stopping her? Off came her high heels, her skirt, blouse and bra.

“No panties?” Brad asked as she stood before him naked.

“I took them off at the doctor’s office. Didn’t put them back on again. I’m soaked with lube.”

“A woman who comes pre-lubed? Love it.”

Brad ran his hands up and down her arms. He touched her back, belly, and hips before cupping her breasts. He teased her nipples with his fingertips as he assaulted her mouth with the softest of kisses. The first stirrings of desire danced in her stomach. She’d been here before. The foreplay, the buildup, the hunger and need...and then wrenching pain and crushing disappointment. But maybe she could let go of her fears enough to at least enjoy the prelude to the disaster.

“Come here. Right here.” He pulled her to the side of the bed and gave her one more kiss before pushing her onto her stomach. She tried to relax into the soft silk sheets as Brad adjusted the width of her feet still on the floor. She heard something like the clinking of metal and then felt something wrap around her ankles. Her legs were locked in, immobile.


“Spreader bar.”

“I can’t move my legs.”

“You’re naked. Where were you planning on going?”

“Good point.”

“Question. You said the last time you had anal was...?”

“College. Five years ago.”

“I’m not small.”

“I noticed.”

“Stay here.”

“Very funny,” she said as she tried again to move her legs. She heard him rummaging through the cabinet and in seconds he’d returned to her.

“I need to open you up a little so I don’t hurt going in. You still believe I know what I’m doing?”

“Yes. I think.”

“Good enough.” Brad dropped to his knees behind her, spread her cheeks open, and started to lick her.


He pulled back.

“That ‘wait’ sounded like a ‘wait, what the fuck are you doing’ kind of ‘wait.’ I thought we already established-”

“Sorry. I just wasn’t prepared know.”

“My tongue in your ass? Now you’re prepared.”

He started to lick her again and after a minute she started to relax. Before her doctor’s appointment this morning she’d shaved and groomed thoroughly. And if she could admit it to herself, it did feel weirdly good. Brad massaged her thighs while he kissed her and slipped a hand between her legs. He slid one finger into her vagina as he pushed his tongue inside her. A moan escaped her throat. The doctors told her to experiment with positions more. Maybe she’d call them tomorrow and tell them that she’d done her homework.

“Do fingers hurt?”

“No,” she said, panting. “Fingers usually don’t. Just-”



“Please try not to sound depressed when I’m massaging your g-spot.”

She laughed into the sheets. “Sorry about that.”

Brad bit down hard on her right cheek and she gasped with the sudden pain.

“You have an amazing ass. That’s not the only time I’m going to bite it today.”

“Thanks for the warning,” she said, still gasping.

“Another warning, I’m going to thoroughly lube you right now and insert a plug. It’ll open you up.”

“You don’t ask permission to do things, I’m starting to notice. You just do them.”

“Now you’re catching on.”

Brad started to ply her with the cold liquid, moving slowly inside her--one finger and eventually two. Before long she was started to feel something she hadn’t quite expected--pleasure. Intense pleasure. His wet fingers deep in her...his free hand massaging her back, bottom, and thighs...his words of encouragement as she opened up to him...they set every nerve in the lower half of her body alight.

“Good girl...” Brad whispered as she moaned and dug her fingers into the sheets.

“Thought I was being bad here.”

“Oh no. We don’t play by those rules in this house. Any beautiful woman who spreads for me on a Monday morning? She’s a very good girl.”

Brad pulled his fingers out and Lela winced as he pushed the plug into her. It fit snugly but if she forced herself to relax, it didn’t hurt at all. She felt a fullness from it, a pleasant penetration. She made a mental note to never try anal with a guy who didn’t know what he was doing ever again.

She sensed Brad kneeling down again and unbuckling her from the spreader bar.

“I’m going to flog you. I have two very good reasons for doing that. My erection is just one of those two reasons.”

He pushed his hips into her bottom and she felt the truth of his words against her skin.

“Do I get to know the other reason?”

“Endorphins. Intercourse causes you pain. Endorphins fight pain. I flog you and the endorphins start flooding your system. It’s all very scientific.”

“That’s why we’re doing it?”

“That and reason one.” He pressed reason one into her hip again.

He turned her to face him and wrapped a silk scarf around her wrists. As he tied her wrists, she watched his face. He seemed utterly absorbed in the task and his dark eyes shone with intelligence mixed with desire. Without warning, she kissed him. He didn’t object.

“I’m still going to flog you,” he said when he pulled back from the kiss.

“I wasn’t trying to stop you.”

“I like you, Lela. I might have to fuck you all day.”

“If you manage to pull this off without me in agony, I’ll let you.”

“Let me? Not sure I asked permission.” He gave her a wink and spun her to the bedpost where he quickly tied her arms above her head.

Lela closed her eyes and took a deep breath, a breath that she released in a yelp as the flogger hit the center of her back. Brad took aim and hit her again. Up and down her entire back from her neck to her knees he flogged her. It hurt but not badly enough she needed him to stop. Every blow set her skin burning and her body flinching even as the plug inside her sent shivers of pleasure through her hips.

The flogging ended after a few minutes and Brad pushed his body into her back.

“I’d flog your beautiful body all day but my cock won’t let me.”

“A firm taskmaster, is he?”

“I try never to tell him ‘no.’”

Brad untied her wrists from the bedpost and swept her up in his arms. The sudden removal of her feet from the floor set her laughing even as he laid her in the center of the bed.

“Don’t laugh. I’m trying to be sexy.”

“You are sexy, Brad.” She gripped him by the back of his neck as he sucked her nipples one by one. “You don’t have to try.”

“Now tell me, what position do you most wish you could do without pain?”

“All of them,” she said and he gave her a steely stare. “Okay. There’s a version of missionary where her legs are up on his thighs. Always thought that looked so sexy spreading like that, ankles on opposite sides of the room.”

“Nice. You can do that position in anal.”

Brad sat up on his knees and unbuttoned his shirt. She watched him undress adoring every square inch of his thick, muscled body. He hadn’t been kidding about the “big” part either, she noted as he rolled a condom onto his length.

“Knees to chest,” he ordered and she complied. He worked the plug out of her and sat it on the bedside table. It shocked her how big it was. If that fit into her comfortably, so should he. Picking up the tube of lube again, he worked even more of it into her before slathering a generous amount over his cock. He dried his hands, grabbed her thighs and yanked her close. Lela stared up at the ceiling as he positioned himself and started to push inside her. Inch by inch he worked his way in with slow, short thrusts. When her body gave him no resistance, he sunk deep and laid on top of her. As his hips settled between her thighs, her legs spread even further apart.

“Good?” He bit her neck.

“Very good,” she breathed. Very good...she meant it. He was inside her, all of him, and moving, thrusting, fucking her. She couldn’t believe that a man was inside her and she felt nothing but wanton pleasure. Brad put a hand to the side her head to hold himself up as he reached between their bodies and found her clitoris. With each slow deep thrust he rubbed the swollen knot. Her hips rocked into his. She couldn’t get enough of his cock, his fingers, his mouth on her face, her neck. All these years, this is what she’d been missing.

Lela’s body started to tighten. Her shoulders came off the bed and she buried her head against Brad’s chest as her vagina clenched and her whole body shook with the climax she’d never experienced during sex before. Collapsing against the bed, she merely breathed as Brad pumped into her until his eyes shut tight and he came with a hoarse grunt.

Carefully he pulled out of her and laid on his back. Laughing, Lela crawled on top of him and stretched out across his chest.

“Verdict?” An arrogant grin decorated his lips.

“Verdict totally know what you’re doing.”

Brad pulled her close for a kiss. The smile left his face.

“And?” She saw the question in his eyes.

“ is amazing. I’m having the surgery.”

“Good. Hurry up and schedule it so I can fuck your pussy in every position that’s ever made you cry.”

“That would be all of them.”

“Then the sooner the better.”

“How about now? My ass can take it.”

“Now...” he said as he pulled her into lotus position and grabbed the lube again. “would be perfect.”

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