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Original Sinners Reading Order

Hi Sinners!

I've seen a lot of confusion lately about the reading order of The Original Sinners. This post should clarify things for everyone.

The books should be read in the following order:

The Siren

The Angel

The Prince

The Mistress

The Saint (out now in the UK, June 24th in the US)

The King (out in November 2014)

The Virgin (Spring/Summer 2015)

The Queen (Fall/Winter 2015)

The novellas can be read in any order but I would suggest reading all the big books first. 

The novellas were published in the following order:

The Gift (previously published as Seven Day Loan)

Immersed in Pleasure

Submit to Desire

The Mistress Files

The Last Good Knight (a five-part serial)

The free short stories can be read in any order but they do contain spoilers. I would suggest reading all the big books first in their proper order. Do not read THE WHITE YEARS prequels before reading THE RED YEARS books first otherwise you will not know who some vital characters are. THE WHITE YEARS are not 100% prequels. They continue the storyline after the end of The Mistress. 

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