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The Siren - Here We Go

Today is the day my dream comes true. When I was a little girl I worshipped books, I ate them and drank them and slept with them under my pillow and got in trouble constantly for reading in class. And now my first book comes out. THE SIREN started out as a single image that became an idea that turned into an obsession that because a series that changed my life in so many ways I can't begin to count.

I shan't belabor the point. Thank you to all my friends who are celebrating the release of THE SIREN with such joy and enthusiasm you'd think it was their own book. Bless you, Miss Taylor Lunsford for declaring today Dress Like Tiff Day. Thank you Courtney Milan for reading the book in one day and tweeting her love of it already.  Thank you, Allie Sanders, for you endless support. Thank you, AmyBeth Frederickson and Becky Stine, for your endless retweets. Thank you, Kati R and Jamie Lynn for your harranguing until I gave up the goods and sent you ARCs. Thank you, Becky Stewart for sock monkey love. Thank you, Alyssa Palmer, for being my first reader and my muse. Thank you, Agent Sara, for being the first person to take the book seriously enough to tell me it needed completely rewritten. Thank you to all my Twitches for your friendship and kindness and silliness and general awesome. Thank you, Miranda Baker for my hot-as-hell book cover blurb. Thank you, Susan, my classy brilliant editor. I have no idea why you like me or like this book. Thank you, Momma and Daddy, for telling me to go for it. I went for it. And here we are. Thank you, my Andrew, for loving the book before you loved me.

The book is out in eBook today (May 1st) and paperback August 1st.

Without further ado...

The Siren

by Tiffany Reisz

Chapter One

There was no such thing as London Fog. Never had been...


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