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The Siren - Aftercare

Hi Readers!  

I'm guessing if you're reading this post it's because you've read THE SIREN. First of all, thank you for taking the time to dive into my deranged little mind. Thank you for tweeting about it, blogging about it, hell, just buying the damn thing. It's not an easy book although I hope it's worth the trouble. Several people have told me the ending made them cry. I take that as a compliment as it also made me cry when I wrote it. But never fear. The tears will dry. Why?

THE SIREN is book one of what will hopefully be an octology (eight books). Characters you care about might seem to disappear but they will return again in later books. Those of you who have met Mistress Nora realize she is such a BIG character one book cannot contain her. She's already been in SEVEN DAY LOAN, DANIEL PART TWO, GRIFFIN IN WONDERLAND, and LITTLE RED RIDING CROP. She's a busy girl and her schedule isn't about to settle down any time soon.

I purposefully raised questions in THE SIREN in the hopes readers would stick around to hear the answers in the next books. Stay tuned for THE ANGEL, coming September and THE PRINCE, coming November. And stay tuned for ME, coming about once a day if I have time.

That being said...IF you loved THE SIREN and even if you hated it, all I ask is that you leave a review or a rating somewhere. What sells books better than anything else? Word of mouth. Tell someone you liked it. Here. It's easy to do. Watch me.

I loved THE KEEP by Jennifer Egan. Most beautiful story I've ever read. It moved me in a place too deep for tears.

There? Now aren't you curious about it? That's how it works.

You can also email She's my publisher's Publicity person. If you have thoughts on THE SIREN, feel free to send them to her.

I'll be running a contest in the next week to win a free autographed Advanced Readers' Copy of THE SIREN.

In the meantime, take a deep breath. It's only a story.

Or is it?

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