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Happy Valentine's Day! Win a signed copy of THE PRINCE!

Hi Sinners! It's almost Valentine's Day! In exactly one week from today, we'll all celebrate with our significant others by eating too much and seeing the new DIE HARD movie.

I'm celebrating by giving away FIVE signed copies of THE PRINCE, which is my favorite of all the Original Sinners books thus far as it delves deepest into my favorite subject to write about--forbidden love.

By the way, this is an INTERNATIONAL Giveaway so even you Aussies and Brits and Frenchies and Ruskies get to enter to win! It's not just for us damn Yanks this time!

To enter to win, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite love song is. I'll start!

Tiffany's Top Five Favorite Love Songs (this changes every day so don't hold me to these)

1-In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

2-Stay by Shakespeare's Sister

3-Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars

4-When We Dance by Sting

5-Father Figure by George Michael 

I showed you mine. Now you show me yours!

I'll choose five wieners at random on Valentine's Day!

Now go forth and get your love on!


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