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Three of Hearts - Anthology

Hi Sinners!

I have a short story in the erotic romance anthology THREE OF HEARTS edited by Kristina Wright (Cleis Press). In "Movie Night," an argument over a plot point in a movie gets resolved the most fun way possible--with a threesome.

Read an excerpt below. 

Movie Night

By Tiffany Reisz

    The argument started the moment the movie ended.

    “Not buying it,” Leigh said, standing to stretch her legs.

    “What aren’t you buying?” Her husband Bryce caressed the back of her calf as she picked up the three empty glasses of wine and the bottle.

    “You didn’t like the movie? It’s a classic thriller.” Ethan took the empty bottle and glasses from her and carried them to the bar.

    “It was a good movie,” Leigh said. “Good acting. Good script. Huge gaping plot hole you could drive a dump truck through.” 

    Ethan arched an eyebrow at her as he leaned back against the bar. Her husband’s best friend since college, Ethan was a regular fixture in their lives. He’d been the best man in their wedding and had suffered good-naturedly through more than a dozen of her attempts to fix him up with friends of hers. She hated playing matchmaker, but anytime one of her single friends got a look at the six-foot tall former professional soccer player, they all begged for an introduction. 

    “What’s the huge gaping plot-hole?” Bryce asked as his hand slid further up the back of her dress. She gave him a playful dirty look. Her black-haired, blue-eyed, too-handsome-for-his-own-good husband hit on her constantly when Ethan hung out with them, Bryce’s not-so-subtle way of saying, “Look how fun being married is. Aren’t you sad you’re still single?”

    Leigh swatted at his hand. “So the one guy convinces the other guy that they can swap wives in the night, right? ‘Here, we’ll sneak into each other’s houses and while our wives are asleep, we’ll initiate sex. And in the dark with them barely awake, they won’t realize it’s not their husbands fucking them.’ That’s the plot point, right?” Leigh asked.    

    “What? We have sex all the time when one or both of us is barely awake,” Bryce said, pulling Leigh down into his lap. “We did last night.”

    Ethan rolled his eyes, and Leigh winked at him.

    “True,” she said, remembering waking up with Bryce’s erection pressing against her back. She’d pushed back against him, and he’d slid inside her. Without even exchanging a single word, they’d fucked for a few minutes before Bryce pulled out of her and fell back asleep. She’d followed him into dreamland only seconds later. “But I knew it was you obviously. If it had been some other man in the dark, I would have known. That’s the plot hole. A woman would know if the man fucking her is or is not her husband even in the dark and half-asleep. That husband should have known he was getting played by his neighbor.” Leigh got off her Bryce’s lap. She took the DVD out of the player and turned off the television. 

    “You only say that because you know I’m the only man who’s going to be fucking you in the middle of the night. If it was some other guy in our bed, and you were sleepy enough, you wouldn’t be able to tell him from me.”

    “Oh, I could tell,” Leigh said, crossing her arms over her chest. “Trust me.”

    “My cock is pretty amazing,” Bryce said with a humble sigh. “I guess you’re right.”

    “I think it could work,” Ethan said, coming back to the sitting area holding a glass of wine. “You’d have to even the playing field though. No talking, no touching, just cock-in-pussy. And total darkness, of course.”

    “He’s got a point, Babe. You know it’s me because of my voice and how I touch you.” He took Leigh by the wrist and pulled her back down onto his lap. “If you were blindfolded or something and two different guys fucked you without a word, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

    “I could tell,” she said. “And I can prove it.”

    “How?” Ethan asked, raising the wine glass to his lips.

    “Just like Bryce said—blindfold me, don’t make noise, and fuck me.” She looked at her husband who only laughed a little.

    Ethan lowered the wine glass before he even took a drink of it. 

    “You mean now?” Ethan asked.

    “Why not?” Bryce ran his hand from Leigh’s ankle to her hip. “She dissed your favorite movie. You don’t want to prove her wrong?”    

    “Dude, she’s your wife.”

    “You didn’t tell him?” Leigh asked.

    “I thought he knew,” Bryce said.

    “Thought I knew what?” Ethan asked. 

    “Oh, we’re kinky as fuck, Ethan,” Leigh said.

    “I knew he was. I didn’t know you were,” Ethan said to Leigh.

    “We have threesomes at least once a month,” Leigh explained as Bryce kissed her under her ear. “Usually it’s me and one of my girlfriends with him, but sometimes it’s another guy. I’m never blindfolded though, and I always know who’s fucking me. This could be interesting.”

    “Want to?” Bryce looked up at Ethan. 

    “Do I want to fuck your wife?” Ethan looked at Bryce and then back at her. “You don’t even have to ask.” 


Coming (ha!) October 14th, 2014 from Cleis Press. 

Pre-order links forthcoming.  Goodreads page HERE.

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