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THE SIREN on sale in the US - $2.99

Hi Sinners!

THE SIREN, book one in The Original Sinners series, is on sale in for $2.99 (ebook only). Got a friend you want to seduce into the dark kinky world of the Sinners? Now's the perfect time to gift them an ebook copy. 

Suggested recipients include:

Your mom

Your sister

Your brother (the pervy one, not the nice one)

Your neighbors (all of them, everyone on your street)

Your cousins including that weird one who no one wants to invite to family reunions

Your priest, pastor, or rabbi (men and women of the cloth need smut too)

Channing Tatum

THE SIREN! Now only $2.99!


Buy at BN

Happy Sinning!

Tiffany Reisz

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