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The Original Sinners Christmas Card

Hi Sinners, 

Fun fact: I am Christmas crazy. So in honor of Christmas and me being crazy, I'm sending out a real live snail mail Christmas card to Original Sinners fans. Now this card is a bit of an inside joke. If you haven't read the Original Sinners books (at least once of them) you will not get the joke. But if you've enjoyed the books and want the card, sign up by November 15th! 

Sign up HERE! Remember to include your snail mail address. This is a physical card, not an eCard. 

Yes, the card is safe for work and family. Your kids can get the mail and won't notice a thing. BUT the card is, let us say, very authentic-looking. You'll know what I mean when you get it. So be on the look out for it or you just might miss it.

Happy November, Sinners! And Merry Christmas!




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