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The Mistress Files is out! Say ow...

Have you missed Mistress Nora? I know she's missed you. The good news is that The Mistress Files ebook is officially out in North America! (Don't worry, UK - Mistress Nora will spank her way to your country on June 7th.) 

The Mistress Files is an ebook-only collection of FIVE sexy short stories written BY Nora ABOUT her clients.

  • Remember Sheridan Stratford, the super sexy sub from The Siren? She's the star of story #1 and her first session with the Mistress is sizzling hot!
  • A kinky couple in need of professional assistance stars in story #2.
  • A hot rock star with a secret gets down and dirty with The Mistress and her friends in story #3.
  • In story #4, a certain Frenchman of our acquaintance comes to the Mistress for a little R&R in the form of S&M.
  • And a lovely lady in need of extra-special help for an embarrasing little problem stars in story #5. 

Buy The Mistress Files ebook:

US: Kindle • B&N Nook
Harlequin • Google • Kobo

Canada: Kindle • Harlequin

UK: Kindle • Mills & Boon

The Mistress Files is only available as an ebook at this time. If you don't have an ereader, most stores have software that allows you to read ebooks on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

See Mistress Nora in action! Buy The Mistress Files ebook at your favorite retailer! That's an order straight from the Mistress herself!

— Tiffany

P.S. And while you're at it, don't forget to pre-orderTHE MISTRESS (available July 30 in print and ebook), the thrilling conclusion to The Original Series - The Red Years.


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