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The 8th Circle Press

Hello Lovers, Recently I was seized with the sudden and unshakable idea to write a series of erotic novellas using 80s sitcoms as source material. For whatever reason, 80s sitcoms had premises that lend themselves beautifully to being kink-ified.

Who's the Boss? becomes a story of two Dominants living under the same roof and fighting for control.

My Two Dads becomes My Two Doms, the tale of a young woman who is bequeathed by her dead Dominant to his two closest friends who now have shared ownership of her

And my personal favorite... Charles in Charge becomes a darkly erotic story of a college boy who lives in a wealthy family's basement and exchange room and board for babysitting duties. He and the teenage daughter form a unique bond of love, lust, and sexual dominance.

I call them sitDOMs - situational Dominations.

While discussing this idea with Mr Andrew Shaffer, he brought up the excellent point that a story with the Charles in Charge premise would be one hell of a hard sale. Even if it is legal in most states for a 16-year-old girl to engage in a consensual sexual relationship with a 19-year-old boy (and quite honestly, most parents I know wouldn't have a problem with a mere three-year age difference), not a single ePub outfit out there would touch such a story with a ten-inch cock.

So it came to me. The idea. The perfect solution. The answer to the question I hadn't even asked yet.

I'll start my own publishing company.

World, say hello to The 8th Circle Press. Hell is the new home for the edgier stories other publishers won't touch. Give me your kink, your underage, your huddled incestuous bestality stories yearning to be freed from the dark playground of your mind!

Don't send me any stories yet. I need to get incorporated (in Delaware, of course) and do some paperwork, all that jizz.

BUT this will happen and The 8th Circle Presses very first release will be none other than...


Love Always, Tiffany

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