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The official website of Tiffany Reisz, USA Today bestselling author of The Original Sinners series from Harlequin's Mira Books. It's not erotica until someone gets hurt.

The Original Sinners Book Club - Join Us!

One of my Twitches (Twitter handle @einfach_mich) started a book club for fans of THE SIREN and the whole ORIGINAL SINNERS universe. It's open invite so hop on over HERE to join. I'll be around a bit to answer questions, drop hints, and generally annoy the membership. I will TRY not to let out any spoilers. No promises.

I'm hoping the book club turns into a fun, active group to discuss all sorts of things--BDSM--fact and fiction--and book recommendations for like-minded folks.

Thank you, Jeanne! You a badass for doing this! I'll try to get some swag together for the founding members.





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