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RWA DAY THREE - Why It's Worth The Money.

Note the title of this post is a statement, not a question. RWA is fucking expensive. This whole trip will probably set me back 2K at least. And I'm a poor writer. I ain't no JR Ward here. Not yet anyway. But yesterday it happened. The thing happened that I came here for. I went to a workshop and I figured it out. Lightbulb moment. Eureka. Ephiphany. Whatever the fuck you want to call it. A book that had been giving me fits, a book I knew would be amazing if I could just figure out how to rewrite the third draft...I got it. And I wouldn't have gotten it had I not come here, crashed a PRO workshop, and listened to the speakers. But even if that hadn't happened, I've recouped a little of the cost just in the free alcohol I've gotten to drink this week.

So yesterday...up at 8:30. Alys and I went to the Not Another Sex Scene Workshop, which was fun. I'd never thought of labeling sex scenes before to keep them part of the plot of your book--First Time Together Sex, Reconciliation Sex, etc. Since I write erotica my labels might be a little different--The First Time Doing Anal Sex, The Hardcore D/s Scene, The Hate Fuck Scene, The Sex with a Criminally Underage Character That Will Get Me Tons of Hate Mail But If You Just Wait for Book Two It'll All Make Sense And I Know You Secretly Got Off On It So Leave Me Alone Scene. (That last one will make more sense when you read THE SIREN.)

After that workshop, I went somewhere...Can't remember. Bad sigh. Alcohol has killed many brain cells. There would have been an 8th book in my Original Sinners series but that last Rum & Coke killed it. ANYWHO, LUNCH. At lunch they did awards blah blah congrats congrats. Then Sherrilyn Kenyon gave a rocking keynote address. I've never read any Kenyon. Don't kill me. I was an English Major at the snootiest little lib-arts college in the South. I'm still trying to recover. But if her books have half the moxie Kenyon does, I'm sold.

Best part of the lunch, however, was sitting with my RWA Other Half Karen Hooper. So amazing to see Karen again. Next year in LA she and I will have a joint BDay party. The theme shall be "Party Like a Cock Star."

Then I attended a workshop where the lightbulb went off and all became clear. I shan't go into the boring details. Then drinks with Miranda Kenneally, Alys, Taylor Lunsford, Lynne Silver, Aislinn Macnamara. Alys had to leave a little early so I had to finish her drink after drinking my drink. Then I had a drink at dinner. So I was getting ready for the Harlequin Party at the Waldorf Astoria while drunk.

Party at the Waldorf was a blast. I think. More free alcohol. I came back soaking wet with sweat. I'm terrified to look at my dress. I'm sure I sweated some red and purple hair dye onto it. Good thing it only cost $12.00. Came back to the hotel and delivered a White Rose to Andrew Shaffer who seems to be staying in the bar this RWA. Cheaper than the rooms probably.

That's it! I'm having a horrible time sleeping. Too much energy and O.O moments. And booze.

RWA - This year, it's all about the booze.

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