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Pilot BraVo Pens - Best pens ever or harbingers of DOOM?!

Years ago I bought a multi-color four pack of Pilot BraVo Pens. They looked pretty in the package all lined up—red, black, green, blue. And BOLD point. I love bold point. I’m a bold writer. I need a bold pen. I started to write with them and discovered something amazing. THESE WERE THE GREATEST PENS ALIVE!!! Well, not “alive” but you know what I mean. I went back for more. And more. And every year after I would buy them when I saw them. Then suddenly…gone. No more Pilot BraVo pens anywhere! But what luck! I could get them online! Office Depot carried them. Office Max. Staples. I went back to my trusty office supply sites just this weekend and GASP! No more Pilot BraVo pens. But why? Why would these stores stop carrying the greatest pens EVER?!

And then it occurred to me. The truth stared me right in the face. These pens make you want to write. On paper even! Pen and paper - those antiques! You picked a BraVo up and didn’t want to put it back down again. But we can’t have that. We can’t have people giving up computers and iPhones and digitized text. The world would collapse if we reverted back to snail mail and handwritten bookkeeping.

The reason you can’t find Pilot BraVo pens anymore is because Pilot doesn’t want to bring about the collapse of modern civilization with the force of their pens so much mightier than any sword. Hiding Pilot BraVo pens from the world is their gift to the world. You want the world to keep on chugging. Whatever you do, stay away from these bad boys.

With luck I can still scrounge up one or two red BraVos from my secret underground contacts. My bold and sexy ORIGINAL SINNERS series needs a bold and sexy pen for signing.


And I sure as heck can't autograph copies of this with anything but a pen awesome enough to bring about the end of the world.


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