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FAQ - What Order Should I Read The Books In?

Before anyone gives me any grief over the title of this blog post which includes a sentence that ends with a preposition, let me explain that that rule is a myth. It's entirely grammatically acceptable to end a sentence with a proposition. One grammarian in the 19th century decided that the rules of Latin Grammar should apply to English grammar and made that rule up. No legitmate modern grammarian would ever call ending an English sentence with a proposition incorrect. So put away the knuckle-rapping rulers. You can use those rules to spank me but only for kink purpose, not grammatical nazism. If you don't believe me, read Sin & Syntax. That being of the more common questions I get asked by readers is "What order should I read the books in?" I have so many novellas and free stories that it can get confusing. Let me clear things up. Note, you do not have to read the books in this order. This is merely my suggested order.

#1- The Siren - full-length novel (always read this first before anything else)

#2- Griffin in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Crop - free reads on the blog

#3- The Angel - full-length novel

#4 - Seven Day Loan/The Gift - eBook novella (Amazon, BN, eHarlequin, Sony, etc)

#5- The Prince - full-length novel

#6- Daniel Part 2 & A Christmas Maggie - free reads on the blog

#7- Submit to Desire & Immersed in Pleasure - eBook novella (Amazon, BN, eHarlequin, Sony, etc)

#8- Every other free read in any order that turns you on. You'll want to read The Mitzvah and The Teacher before The Mistress (full-length novel #4) comes out so you can get to know Grace Easton better as she is one of the main characters in that book.

#9- The Mistress - full-length novel (out Summer 2013)

We good? As long as you read The Siren, The Angel, The Prince in that order, you'll be fine. This reading order for the rest of the series' stories is simply my suggestion. The only wrong way to read The Original Sinners is to not read them at all (PS It's also grammatically correct in English to JOYFULLY split infinitives. Grammar Nazis can suck it).





P.S. The link to all the freebie stories is



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