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NEED YOU NOW by Taylor Lunsford

My friend and beta reader Taylor Lunsford (follow her on Twitter @writertay) has a new book out! Buy it here! I did! 

Trigger Warning: Sweet romance, gossip, Texans.


The last time Caine Maddox saw Melody Carr he broke her heart. Or she broke his. He was never quite sure. Now she’s moved back to Unknown, Texas and he’s sure of one thing – he’s not going to lose her again.

Mel returned home with a plan to put down roots as the town’s doctor and maybe start a family. The plan definitely doesn’t involve revisiting her past relationship with Caine, the town’s sexy mayor—and her childhood crush. Everything about him stirs up the passion she forced herself to forget but her heart’s been broken too many times to risk history repeating.

Caine’s got his work cut out for him trying to win Mel’s trust back. The town doesn’t want her there and the local gossip blog can’t stay the hell out of his personal life for even a day. When the animosity brewing in town turns to vandalism, Caine makes sure Mel knows he’s not going anywhere. Keeping Mel’s stubborn-as-hell self safe from whoever’s targeting her may be the only way to convince Mel he’s playing for keeps. Getting Mel to trust him again is going to be the hardest fight of Caine’s life, but he’s determined to prove the to her that she needs him by her side.

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