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My 5K Day.

And no, I'm talking about word count.  

I ran a 5K this morning in Shelbyville, Kentucky. Temperature? 43 degrees F. Conditions? Rainy and muddy. Track? Hilly and awkward.

Playlist? Awesome.


Track #1: SOME NIGHTS by Fun.

A perfectly named band, they're making the most theatrical, the most enjoyable, the most FUN music since the passing of Freddie Mercury and the original lineup of Queen disappeared into the mists of history.

Track #2: WE BELONG by Pat Benatar

One of the greatest of the 80s ballads. Upbeat and moving. You have to be dead inside not to dig this song. I've been known to sing along with it at the top of my lungs whilst driving alone at night.

Track #3: BABA O'RILEY by The Who

Better known as "Teenage Wasteland," this song has Pete Townshend's classic driving guitar style and Roger Daltry's powerhouse vocals. Great adrenaline pumping song.

Track #4: THE LONGEST TIME by Billy Joel

I'm all about pacing in a race and songs like this are perfect for keeping your feet hitting the pavement at nice even intervals. Plus it's a just a damn good song. Also, at this point you feel like you've been running...for...the...longest...damn...time...

Track #5: I'LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU from the Mulan soundtrack.

Don't laugh. This is a GREAT song for runners. Shuffle brought this song up when I'd hit the halfway point. Mulan is a great female empowerment movie. My favorite scene takes place during this song when Mulan finally figures out how to beat all the men in her camp, climb the pole, and retrieve the arrow. Since the beginning of time women have been taking their supposed handicaps, coupling them with their intelligence, and beating the boys. Love that movie. Love that scene. Love this ridiculous song. BE A MAN!

Track #6: WE ARE YOUNG by Fun.

Fun. again! Nate Ruess, the leader singer of Fun, is gorgeous and has a voice of angel if an angel fell from heaven and became a rock star. When you're past the halfway point and Nate is singing "I'll carry you home" in your sweaty ears, you really wanna let him.

Track #7: DRRRTY by Christina Aguliera.

Dirty. Sexy. Fast. Fun. Just what you need as the you get past mile two and need something to occupy your brain. I occupied it with thoughts of dirty sex. Don't judge me. Better than making mental grocery lists, right?

Track #8: OPPORTUNITIES by The Pet Shop Boys.

You can't beat 80s techno for a good running track. Plus this is a story-song about a scrappy entrepreneur willing to do anything to make it. It's one of my many theme songs.

Track #9: THE EYE OF THE TIGER by Survivor

It was sheer serendipity that this anthem of physical fitness came on just as I hit the last leg of the 5K. At this point, you're about ready to throw up in your mouth. But you can't help but smile and think of Rocky when this over-the-top tune comes on. If Rocky can do it, so can I.

DONE! Time - 36 minutes, 32 seconds. TERRIBLE. Shameful. Slow. That's okay. I didn't stop and walk once. Ran, well jogged, the whole way. I'll get back into the groove and by the ending of 5K season, I plan on running a 5K in 32 minutes.

My running buddy John? He ran it in 19 minutes and came in first place. #asshole

Why did we get out of bed on a cold Saturday morning and run a 5K on a muddy, ugly course? Today would have been John's 6th wedding anniversary. His beautiful wife Shara died unexpectedly after a long illness in February. In sweaty solidarity we decided to run it together in her memory. She was always completely supportive of John and his running. We didn't talk about Shara much. But after John came in first this is what we said:

Me: "Shara would have been proud of you."

John: "Yes, she would have."

Nuff said.

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