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FAQ: When Will There Be An Original Sinners Movie?

At least three times a week on Twitter, someone asks me if I'm making an Original Sinners movie. I'm blogging the answer so I'll have it handy to give to people when they ask.

Here's how it works. I have a film agent who takes my books to meetings with movie studios. If the movie studio decides they like the books and think they'll make good movies, they might buy the film and/or TV rights. 

Then it takes a miracle, divine intervention, the hand of God itself coming down and touching your book to get it turned into a movie or TV series. 

So the reason my books are not movies are because I don't own a movie studio, and no one who does own a movie studio has bought the film rights to any of my books yet. 

Will this ever happen? Probably not. Romance writer Debbie Macomber had over 200 books published before she got a television series. Can lightning strike? Could I win the Hollywood lottery? Maybe. But again, probably not. But here's the thing--if I wanted my stories to be movies, I would write screenplays, not novels.

If you're dying to see the Original Sinners on screen, the best thing you can do as a reader is to get more people to read the books, buy the books, and talk about the books. Otherwise, don't sweat it. I didn't get into this gig to be in movies. I write novels because I love writing novels. A movie or TV series would be a thin layer of icing on a very delicious cake. 

Happy reading, Sinners!



P.S. Just in case Hollywood reads this post, if you do want to make an Original Sinners TV series, please cast Gaspard Ulliel as Kingsley.

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