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It's Not Erotica Until Someone Gets Hurt

Every Original Sinners Christmas Story...Online for Free!

THE CHRISTMAS TRUCE (2017) - takes place three Christmases before The Siren

THE SCENT OF WINTER (2016)  takes place the December before the events of The Virgin and The Queen

POINSETTIA (2015) -  takes place when Søren is twenty years old and in seminary in Rome, Italy

CHRISTMAS IN SUITE 37A (2014) -  takes place two years and three months after the end of The Angel and seven months after The Saint and The King - stars Nora, Michael, and Griffin


A BEAUTIFUL THING (2012) - takes place three months before The Siren, the story behind Nora giving Søren his piano, a Christmas story  — also available as a free audiobook from SoundCloud and narrator Elizabeth Hart

A CHRISTMAS MAGGIE (2011) – takes place approximately six months after the free story Daniel Part Two (the sequel to The Gift, not currently online)


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