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The Best Non-Fiction Book of 2013 is...

Dedicated to me! It took a little seduction and flirtation and bribery (and maybe some alcohol) but I managed to do it! I have a book dedicated to me!

My brilliant boyfriend Andrew Shaffer has a new book out. It's an insightful, hilarious history of all the bad boy and bad girl writers we know, love, admire, and maybe envy a little for being so unapologetically wicked. I'm already working on my bid to make it into the sequel.

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A Wildly Funny and Shockingly True Compendium of the Bad Boys (and Girls) of Western Literature

Rock stars, rappers, and actors haven't always had a monopoly on misbehaving. There was a time when authors fought with both words and fists, a time when poets were the ones living fast and dying young. This witty, insightful, and wildly entertaining narrative profiles the literary greats who wrote generation-defining classics such as The Great Gatsby and On the Road while living and loving like hedonistic rock icons, who were as likely to go on epic benders as they were to hit the bestseller lists. Literary Rogues turns back the clock to consider these historical (and, in some cases, living) legends, including Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Hunter S. Thompson, and Bret Easton Ellis. Brimming with fasci- nating research,Literary Rogues is part nostalgia, part literary analysis, and a wholly raucous celebration of brilliant writers and their occasionally troubled legacies.


NPR on LITERARY ROGUES - 'Even Balzac Had To Intern'

For the record and I would say this even if I wasn't dating Andrew, this is the most fun, most wicked history book I've ever read. Equal parts instructive and inspiring, it'll make you put the shot glass down and pick the laptop back up. The only reason we care about these bad boy and girl writers is because they wrote hard, not because they played hard.

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