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Happy Birthday, Nora (and "The Confessions"!)

Dear Reader Friends,

I’m on a social media hiatus for the time being while I pound out oh…SIX books this year. Don’t worry. I’m almost done with number three. But I wanted to take a moment to thank a few people today as it’s the release day for THE CONFESSIONS (and Mistress Nora Sutherlin’s birthday—Happy Birthday, Nora!).

First, thank you to all my lovely readers who are so enthusiastic about THE CONFESSIONS and have taken the time to share their enthusiasm on social media with all their reader friends. Thank you for buying the book. Thank you for reading it. Thank you for reviewing it. Thank you for stopping by my blog or Twitter or Facebook to tell us how much you enjoyed it. Thank you! I wouldn’t have a writing career without you all.

Thank you to Cyndy Aleo who interviewed me for the bonus feature in THE CONFESSIONS. I had a blast with Cyndy nerding it up about the series and the Catholic Church. [Warning: If you don’t like knowing behind-the-scene secrets of books, just skip the interview. It’s for people like me who obsessively watch director’s commentary on movies when available. But it’s not for everybody.]

Thank you to brilliant author Karen Stivali for beta reading “The Confession of Eleanor Schreiber” for me and giving it her usual red line genius insights. I feel like Karen and Father Ballard would be BFFs and that’s a compliment to each of them. 

Thank you to my assistant and dear dear friend Robin for her copyediting. Thank you to Bethany Hensel for helping us catch a LOT of typos.

Thank you to the over 70 reviewers who jumped on the chance to review the book for their blogs. I appreciate your support of the series so much. You rock!

Thank you to my husband, Andrew Shaffer, who did ALL the work on THE CONFESSIONS. He designed the cover, formatted the ebook, formatted the paperback, corrected errors, designed back and front matter, and basically did everything a publisher does while running all my social media accounts and mailing list, and he did it all for free. He’s the bestfriend and husband a writer could ever hope to have. He is a genius and so talented it makes me sick. I’m the luckiest smut peddler alive!

And thank you to my kitties Buckley Cat and Honeytoast who keep me company while writing.                  

Thank you, Sinners!

Tiffany Reisz             

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