Tiffany Reisz

It's Not Erotica Until Someone Gets Hurt


April 26, 2018 Pulaski County Library (signing — free admission), Somerset, KY

April 28, 2018 Dayton Book Expo (signing — free admission), Dayton, OH

June 23, 2018 Love N. Books (signing — tickets required), Salem, MA

July 14, 2018Summer Lovin' Romance Event (dinner & signing — tickets required), North Shelby Library, Birmingham, AL

July 21, 2018RWA Literacy Signing (signing — open to the public), Denver, CO

August 11, 2018 — Four Brits Book Fest (signing — SOLD OUT), Oxford, United Kingdom

October 20, 2018Shameless Book Con (signing — tickets required), Orlando, FL

November 10, 2018For the Love of Books & Chicago (signing) 9am-4pm, Marriott Hotel Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL

March 22-24, 2019Apollycon 2019 (signing), Washington, DC


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May 14, 2018 — The Virgin ebook re-release with new cover

June 5, 2018 — The Chateau: An Erotic Thriller paperback, ebook, and audiobook release

June 11, 2018 — The Queen ebook re-release with new cover

October 2, 2018 — Picture Perfect Cowboy: An Erotic Romance (expanded edition of "The Watermark") paperback and ebook release

January 29, 2019 — The Rose (standalone The Red sequel) paperback, ebook, and audiobook release


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 Photo by Laura K. Curtis

Photo by Laura K. Curtis

If you don't see your city or country on the events list, please don't take it personally. Writers almost always have to pay for their own book tours, and most locations outside of a day's driving distance are usually outside of the budget. If you want me to come to your town, ask your local bookstore if they're willing to organize a signing.