Tiffany Reisz

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This is an exclusive excerpt from The Chateau: An Erotic Thriller, on sale this June from 8th Circle Press...

The ropes around his wrists were long enough Polly didn’t have to untie him. Kingsley simply rolled onto his stomach and moved back into place, the ropes twisting into a knot. The pressure on his wrists was comfortable, but tight enough to feel like a pair of strong hands. Strong hands on his wrists, Kingsley lying prone, someone about to take him… 

Just like high school.

“I see you smiling,” Polly said as she moved off the bed to do whatever it was she needed to do. 

“Just remembering,” he said. “It’s funny. I don’t usually smile when I remember…”



Polly kissed the back of his shoulder. “I’ll give you a memory to make you smile.”

Kingsley let out a breath of pleasure as Polly laid her hand flat on the small of his back and caressed him there.

“This is my favorite part,” she said.

“Back rubs?”

“No, silly boy. Backs are my favorite part. Boy backs. My favorite body part,” she said. “Right here.” With her fingertips she lightly scored the center of his back where his tailbone met his spine. “Maybe that’s why I love doing this so much. The view of you is divine…”

With a compliment like that, how could Kingsley object to anything she wanted to do with his body? Polly whispered instructions in his ear. He did as told, and he did it with pleasure. He pulled his knees up under him and spread them. Polly worked the plug out of him carefully. 

She positioned herself behind him and started to slowly…slowly…slowly enter him. Too slowly.

Polly told him to lay flat, to stretch out his legs—however was most comfortable for him. He was under the strictest of orders to tell her the second he felt a moment’s pain. But there was no pain, no discomfort. Fullness, yes. Not pain. Not like he’d known once. 

“You like this, don’t you?” Polly said as she kissed and licked the back of his neck. “Being taken? Penetrated? Used?” 

“Very much.” 

“Say it then,” she said.

“Say what?”

“Say you like penetration. You said you aren’t shy, so say it. Or are you shy?”

He opened his mouth, laughed softly. “You make me feel shy. It’s an accomplishment.”

“Kingsley…” Polly said as she nibbled on his earlobe. “Say it or I’ll stop fucking you…” Her voice was teasing, but the order was an order. It had to be obeyed.

“I like being penetrated,” he said. “There. Happy?”

“So very happy. If I keep doing this,” she said and thrust into him, “will you come?”


“You’re sure?”

“I would bet my life on it.”

“You’ve come from penetration alone before?”

“I have.”

“High school?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”