Tiffany Reisz

The official website of Tiffany Reisz, USA Today bestselling author of The Original Sinners series from Harlequin's Mira Books. It's not erotica until someone gets hurt.

"Tiffany Reisz's The Original Sinners series is painful, prideful, brilliant, beautiful, hopeful, and heart-breaking. And that's just the first hundred pages."

New York Times bestselling author Courtney Milan

"Required reading.... Stunning.... Transcends genres and will leave readers absolutely breathless."

RT Book Reviews on The Original Sinners series

"[The Siren] is amazing and definitely a favorite read so far this year."


"I worship at the altar of Tiffany Reisz! Whip smart, sexy as hell — The Original Sinners series knocked me to my knees. Riveting characters, seductive sadists, delicious deviants-the entwined, twisted story lines featuring Nora, Søren, and Kingsley kick erotica to whole new level."

New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James

"The Siren is one of the most incredible books I've read.... Tiffany Reisz writes amazing dialogue and emotional depth. Witty, sharp, smart characters that will completely suck you in."

Smexy Books

"Breathtakingly gorgeous. The Siren is a story you won't be able to put down and whose characters will stay with you long after you've reached the end. I can't wait for Tiffany Reisz's next story!"

— Roni Loren, national bestselling author of Crash Into You

"Tiffany Reisz is a smart, artful, and masterful new voice in erotic fiction! An erotica star on the rise!"

— Award-winning author Lacey Alexander

"Dazzling, devastating and sinfully erotic, Reisz writes unforgettable characters you'll either want to know or want to be. The Siren is an alluring book-within-a-book, a story that will leave you breathless and bruised, aching for another chapter with Nora Sutherlin and her men."

— Miranda Baker, author of Bottoms Up and Soloplay

"With her fearless erotic writing, Tiffany Reisz just might be the next Anne Rice."

— Shoshanna Evers, bestselling author of How to Write Hot Sex

"I haven't read a book this dangerous and subversive since Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club. The most shocking thing, however, is how much you'll feel for the characters. If your heart doesn't break at least ten times over the course of The Siren, check yourself into a morgue."

—Andrew Shaffer, author of Fifty Shames of Earl Grey,  on The Siren

"Provocative, smart and downright cheeky. The Siren put me through my paces and had me begging for more."

— Emma Petersen, author of Reign of Pleasure

"Daring, sophisticated, and literary. . .exactly what good erotica should be."

— Kitty Thomas, author of Tender Mercies, on The Siren

"Brilliantly written and thoroughly addicting.... By the end, my mouth was hanging open and I audibly screamed."